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 Just saying… 

I love the sense of any kind of travel. Exploring places that are local or foreign, solo or with friends. I absolutely love it!

It could be riding in a pink golf cart, having a mango smoothie at a Reggae Bar, doing cartwheels on the beach or playing with my shadow on the beach.  Enjoying my vacation in Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Salad for breakfast

A few tips for a Breakfast Salad

Add in some satisfying fats: Avocado my favorite!

Change up your greens: There’s more than just romaine or spring mix when it comes to salad greens. My favorites are spinach and kale. Mix and match, that’s always fun.

Don’t ignore your leftovers: What did you have for dinner last night? Do you have any grilled or roasted veggies begging to be thrown into the mix? That’s usually the case for me 🙂

Crunch is alway a good thing: I love a salad that has some great texture. A little crunch from some nuts or seeds are alway great. My favorites are raw pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

The options are limitless, enjoy whatever you come up with. Maybe you will even share some great vegan ideas…Yum!

Beet Soup For Lunch


I have a new love for Beets, also a strong passion for food and healthy living. I have created new healthy habit’s which includes cooking  fresh healthy vegan meals at home everyday. Here is what I threw together for lunch today. 


2 cooked med. beets (quartered)

5 Red delicious apples (peeled & sliced)

2 inch knob of ginger (diced)

1 sweet onion (diced)

4 1/2 cups of vegetable broth

Sauté onions in pot with about a tablespoon of oil when soft add vegetable broth and all other  ingredients then bring to a boil.        Simmer for about half an hour.  Put in vitamix until smooth, garnish and serve. Enjoy!

I offer you peace


‎”I offer you peace. I offer you love. I offer you friendship. I see your beauty. I hear your need. I feel your feelings. My wisdom flows from the Highest Source. I salute that Source in you. Let us work together for unity and love.” ~ Gandhi

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