Thought of the day and poem #5 ~ I kissed a stranger and I liked it!


We danced we laughed and even had the same sneakers on. Converse all stars!
With my girls in the background and lots of other people around…
We kissed, it was a lovely kiss.
Not a kiss of love, but a kiss of passion in that moment.
Such freedom to totally be me.
No expectations
No number
Not even a good bye
As I walk away I thanked him for adding to my freedom, the freedom to be me.
From our feet to our hands reaching up as we danced, we were just two stars
In the vast dark sky… Oh my!

Peace✌ Love❤️ & Happiness😘

Thought of the day ~ Poem #3


This poem was inspired by the beautiful colors of the sky this morning and the thought of the fruit smoothie I’m going to make when I go in the house. Lol😍

As women we bring color to the world
like the brightest rainbow you can imagine.

We bring sweetness, sweeter than any fruit you’ve ever tasted.

Why do you think we’re here, think about it

We are here to adorn the world with our love by reflecting our inner beauty out, anything other than that is really not necessary.

So my Colorful & Sweet Goddess, let’s color the world with sweetness. It’s time to realize we are the backbone of mother earth. Let’s nurture, let’s love and leave all the other bullshit behind.

It’s time my Sweet Goddess!

Peace Love❤️ & Happiness😊

Thought of the day ~ My Second Poem!


So yesterday I pulled into the driveway with the music playing really loud (old school rap😊) and before I could turn off the truck this popped into my mind and just had to write it.

The masculine me is melting into the feminine part of me I’ve ignored for so long.

My blocks are melting and leaving me with some sadness which then turns into happiness, it is so amazing to experience this.

My scent and the way my skin feels is like that velvety flower that smells amazing and feels divine . Hmmm, how great for me to even notice.

I might be six feet tall but my essence is that of a little delicate flower.

I am softening into my femininity and blossoming into a stunning flower, no longer invisible “very vibrant” and that makes me smile.

Peace Love❤️ & Happiness😊

Thought of the day ~ My first poem!

Last night as Sheree was sharing things she is passionate about and every cell in my body experienced a major transformation, something I have been yearning for…wow! Sheree also asked me if I wrote poetry and I said no, so this morning I thought I would give it a try. Here it is! Please let me know what you think. 

As I sit in nature I transform

Transformation is my nature

Each breath I take I transform

Breathing in new life breathing out change

As I listen I transform

The transformation is for you and for me 

Life is about transformation 

I am a medium for transformation 

Transformation illuminates my cells like a sacred fire

Transformation is divine 

Transformation has the rhythm that I need
Transform, shine, dig deeper to find that who you are is LOVE. 
Peace✌🏽️ Love❤️ & Happiness

Thought of the day ~ Authenticity!

Thought of the day ~ Authenticity!

How beautiful is it that I know so many amazing and wonderful people. I want to thank you for creating more richness and meaning in my life. I want to thank you for being truly present with me and listening to what I have to say. I want to thank you for bringing love and kindness to the world.

The real me loves the real you and that’s what life is really all about.

Peace✌ Love❤️ & Happiness😊


Thought of the day ~ Love your Rhythm!

Stay committed to your own personal rhythm and your life becomes your own. Think about all the things you do because others think you should or expect you to. I don’t have to be anything like society has set up for us, so much of it does not make any sense to me. This thought came to me when I was doing nothing else but being creative in nature yesterday.

Peace✌ Love❤️ & Happiness😊


Thought of the day ~ The Perfect Tree For ME!

Thought of the day ~ The Perfect Tree For ME!

Hmmm, you can only attract the love of your life when you learn how to love yourself! I continue to love myself more and more every day and cherish that deep love I have for myself. I have decided when I connect with that person that’s going to share my life it’s going to be like the passion I have for nature. When I’m in nature it’s enough, I surrender, I’m so deeply connected, I sense inner peace and freedom, nature brings you closer to your own spirit, nature heals and has amazing wisdom… Sounds like the perfect partner for me. Lol! How cool will it be when I bump into that perfect tree for me 😉

Peace✌ Love❤️ & Happiness😊


Thought of the day ~ The word of the day is peace!

Thought of the day ~ The word of the day is peace!

I was thinking about how everywhere I go I find peace. It’s not about the places you go to find peace, peace is an internal thing. So, for me peace can be found meditating in the Himalaya mountains or in the mist of any type of chaos. Fill yourself with peace, breathe it in for yourself breathe that out to share. I think we should all bring peace everywhere we go. Be the peace you want to see.

“Peace does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble, or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.” ~Unknown

Peace✌ Love❤️ & Happiness😊


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