Thought of the day ~ Poem #28 Friends


This morning I was thinking about my friends.

I have special friends that I love more each passing day and they continually touch me in a right on kind of way

They are unique, rare and so full of love, these are the perfect words that I think of

Our spirits create the perfect spiral which is so important to our authentic survival

We can laugh, swear and bow down to honor it all and that’s what creates our perfect smile

I will never throw around our close knit bond because it’s a very special gift to me that goes on and on

I will alway be there to lift your spirit and I know how good you are to do the same for me, this is why we are all extraordinary friends

I see you

I know you

I love you

Wow, how fucking cool is it that I can bow down to the beautiful you.


Thought of the day ~ Poem #27 I now remember my dreams


Woke up today and realized the way I was told to dream is backwards for me.

Now I know why I don’t need much sleep

When I’m awake, that’s my dream

I would alway say I don’t remember my dreams but now I know I do

In great detail

When I’m awake

My sweet dreams

So now when someone says sweet dreams I know what it means the sweetness of life


I will never again say I don’t remember my dreams because I do

My eyes are wide open

I dream as I live

I love to dream and they are alway very sweet, what a magnificent treat

I’m awake living in an awesome place without a trace of sleep to dream.

Darnell ✌?️

Thought of the day ~ Poem #25 Our kind of wild


I want to thank all the beautiful women who spent 24 hours in nature with me.

Our hair wasn’t wild

Our clothes stayed on

But we were wild women



Expanding by the fire as we connected to the light, what a delight!

In the night we found more light as it is our birthright.

We all felt so alive!

So much was born while we chanted, drummed and absorb the vibes of nature.

The energy from the light made us wild with love.

We all were wild women of the night and we will always carry that light.

Darnell ✌?️

Thought of the day ~ Poem #24 A friend


When you meet someone new and can call them your friend that’s when you know it will probably never end. This kind of friendship can be hard to find but when you do it is so divine.

You can talk about anything the minute you meet and in that conversation you never compete.

It’s easy, it flows and you will always know their love because it’s never confined like a tight fitting glove.

Friends light up your path as you laugh, cry and need your own time once again isn’t this just divine.

Friends never interrupt your flow! They add joy, more beauty and so much grace and of course make your world a much better place.

I love my friends and I thank you for loving me.



Thought of the day ~ Poem #23 Cleanse me


At first I used the word wilderness but wildness felt so much better. I was burning sage inside and when I went outside these were my thoughts.

I burn sage to cleanse my space inside my home

The fresh air does the same for my insides when I’m outside.

It cleanses me!

Take deep breaths within the non existing walls of nature so you can access the pure wonder of the wildness within.

It’s our nature to be wild.

Live, grow and be natural.

Step into your wild queendom or kingdom, to be on the path of self discovery.

Darnell ✌

Thought of the day ~ Poem #22 Good Morning


Waking up in my luxury hotel where the service is amazing.

The cool air and the perfect breeze is my alarm clock.

I am greeted with the perfect good morning hug from all the trees which squeezes my on all different degrees.

The stones massage my feet as I move across the floor of the earth to watch the morning news.

What I see on the infinite screen shows me love as I see the only story I need to know and that keeps me in the perfect flow.

The love story!

The birds are singing it,

The breeze between the leaves is singing it,

The silence of the morning is singing the loudest as my connection to is all is never clouded.

Good morning!


Thought of the day ~ poem # 21 Life in the darkness


My thoughts as I sit in the hot tub and look up at the stars.

The stars above me,

The earth below me,

And water in between.

In the depths of the darkness there is nothing to fear.

The night is just like the light and allows me to take flight, to see what’s really out there.

I look at the stars as they illuminate a path, a path that is infinite and is my perfect instrument.

So much growth even in the darkness as I explore the vastness.

I feel so alive as I reach out and touch the stars.


Thought of the day ~ Poem # 20 Thank you for all my birthday wishes



Today these words came to me because of you.

Living with gratitude and being able to express it freely is the way to go.

My heart is open as I connect to you deeply, I just want you all to know.

I am so grateful I can share my love, my heart and everything I have with you.

It is so wonderful to love and be loved.

Thank you for all your kind words, it means the world to me there’s nothing better than when you think of me.


Thought of the day ~ Poem #18 Sunday Morning

imageAs I smell and taste the Sunday morning air so many things become clear.

This is why we’re here

To step into the pure fresh air and care for what’s here.

As you see the sunrise, listen to the birds sing, and feel the air as it says good morning to every cell in your body – how could you not know why we are here?

We are here to be just like nature

To be wild and free

To find our natural cycle

To walk on this earth in a sacred way

When you empty yourself of everything and become still to flow, to know, you remember and become nature.

Our essence is all the same without a name it’s just the sound of Ahhh!


Thought of the day ~ Poem #17 True Love


I am burning inside,

Burning with the passion to know.

The flames fuel my passions,

To know my true desires,

Is it a dream,

is it my imagination

No, it’s my reality.

The love we share is raw and real as you embrace my nakedness.

Our souls are in a constant state of merging.

That is why I am filled with love, peace and understanding.

Thanking the universe for all it does for me by allowing me to see what it really means to be.


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