Thought of the day ~ Poem #44 Apples


Last night I made an apple crisp. Ate some before I went to bed and as soon as I woke up. This is what I was thinking about as I was eating. Lol!

I made an apple pie
And baby I can’t deny
I like it sweet

The sweet sugary sensations
Make me say

Every bite I take
Is so sensual
Sweet and slow

Oh no
I only have one more bite to go.


Thought of the day ~ Poem #43 Thank you


It’s not just a fair, it’s a day of pure LOVE. So I wanted to thank you ALL with this short poem.

I just wanted to say thank you for all the love you shared with me.

When anything is




It lives in my heart

You are beautiful

And it only takes a moment

To make sure you know it

I wish you a lifetime of love


Thought of the day ~ Poem # 40 Flow


Do you allow the natural flow of synchronicity or do you resist it? I was thinking about how there is so much power and joy when you go with the flow. Of course this thought turned into a poem.

Blow down those barriers
So it’s flow that you know
then step inside
to find your glow

What shows up in the moment
Is only about empowerment
So why would you ever
just blend
into your environment

Be powerful
Shine bright
Find your flow

When you let go there’s no control

And that’s how you experience the natural flow of synchronicity


Thought of the day ~ poem #38 Sublime


My love for you grows stronger everyday

The visual stimulation you share with me penetrates every cell of my body

It’s sublime
That I’m
So hypnotized
By you
With every breath I take

Boy, do I realize that this is no mistake

You make me an amazing lover
A lover of nature
Which makes me a lover of life.

Darnell ✌?

Thought of the day ~ Poem #35 Flower in the wind


Thought of the day ~ Poem #35
Flower in the wind

As I sat and watched this magnificent sunflower dance
it put me in an universal trance

It teaches me the dance of life
as it stands strong
like nothing’s wrong
and moves to an incredible song

The wind

The wind moves it in every direction
without one correction
because it’s perfection

The universal trance dance
is a flower in the wind
and it always amazes me how nature makes me grin.


Thought of the day ~ Poem #34 The Lake


Sitting by the lake on my writers retreat, there is absolutely nothing that I would ever delete

The water sparkles like the joy I have for life, I have to look up and thank the sun for keeping things so light

The sound of the lake is in no way fake as it speaks from the heart and plays its part

The words I hear that flow off the lake allow me to create without any debate, this keeps me in my natural state

It’s amazing to me as these beautiful words flow that this lake knows me and wants me to grow

The way it moves is so sexy and sleek, It’s totally cool how it invites me to take more than a peek

Sitting on the lake expands my mind and of course that is so divine.


Thought of the day ~ Poem #32 The power of love


Last night at the fire we had an amazing meditation with Bridget. There were so many beautiful souls around me and this short but very powerful poem that was born from all of our energies.

Thought of the day ~ Poem #32 The power of love

The power of love is to unite
Not just two people
But all people
Remember the power of love is to unite
To find our flight
And live in the infinity of delight


Thought of the day ~ Poem #31 Sacred Temple


Honoring your sacred temple!

To awaken we have to soften, feel and know how sacred we are

Remember you don’t have to go far to touch the stars

Simply go within, through your skin and begin NOW to know your beauty

Your feminine essence is so divine, please make sure you don’t leave it behind

Have an inside celebration, that’s the only way to grow and know how to honor your sacred temple

Celebrate, bow down and remember your divine feminine essence

I can say that is always a beautiful present.

Darnell ✌

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