Thought of the day ~ Suspended in space!


I was awake at 3am and my thoughts were flowing out from the cosmos ?.

Devoted devotion
Bowing down to
My magnificent self

Floating towards
The moon
And the stars
Getting lost
In the cosmos

Once I find me
Then it can become we

Suspended in space
So we can embrace
The Oneness
And Separateness

Expanding love
A graceful interaction
As we intertwine
Then divide

This delicious dance
Allows us to move into
The most amazing trance


Thought of the day ~ It’s not just a shower!


The whispers
from the water
soothes my soul

I am so easy to read
As the hot steamy water
Rolls slowly
Down my body

The water becomes electric
And so cleansing

Even before I reach for the soap
And lather every part of
My body
And soul

I get to know

It’s way more than just a shower

It’s a time to bask in your nakedness

A time to honor your temple
So you can know
The purity of your soul

Taking a shower
Should become a ritual

It’s a time to treasure
This heated pleasure
Without any type of measure


Thought of the day ~ You have you!


I was talking to a friend about being alone and I said you’re never alone, you have you.

How could you ever
Be lonely when
You have you
That’s everything you need

You have your arms
To give yourself a hug

Your thoughts
That keep you busy
As they constantly change

Your imagination
Takes you to so many
Beautiful places

Your eyes
See Nature’s beauty
This incredible view
Is part of you

Think about sitting


With your heart and soul
Are you kidding me
That’s not being alone

Being alone
By yourself
Is the best company
You could ever have

When you become comfortable
Being alone
You will never be

Think about all the empowering choices you will make when you bring others into your life to love.


Thought of the day ~ Softness


Yesterday I surrendered into receiving. This allowed me to experienced a softness that I really loved.

In every moment
When you surrender
and embrace what is

A softness appears

Give in
And let go
To know
It’s right there

It might feel strange
But there’s no need
to strain

Go in

Meet it

Sit with it

Then smile
As you receive
This amazing gift of
melting into your softness


Thought of the day ~ Step Outside


Thought of the day ~ Step Outside

This morning I have a simple but meaningful poem on how to know your beauty.

If you don’t see your beauty
I am here to remind you
How beautiful you are
And to let you know
You don’t have to go far

Step outside
And look around
To see your reflection

Nature is your mirror

As you take it all in
The knowing begins

I am nature

So beautiful
So Peaceful
And always seen

You can see it now
As you say wow
That’s all it took
Is just a simple look

There’s really not much more to say
As you take today to
Recognize and internalize
How beautiful you are


Thought of the day ~ Soft & Sexy


Yesterday I was doing a lot of dancing and all these words came to me. I think everyone should try reading this to themselves in the mirror?.

Can anybody love me like me?

I will imagine someone can
And let the mystery begin
As I soften my mind
And my body

I have to fully love myself
To know what I deserve

And I deserve to be served
With love

These words are meant for me
And then for you

My beloved

I will cherish you

I will honor you

I will bow down to you

And flow with you

Nothing to resist
As we enter this state of bliss

It’s so sexy when you love yourself
And bring out your softness

Soft and sexy
Makes you want to
Explore more
Without it ever being a chore

Darnell ?

Thought of the day ~ Let’s do this!

img_7150I was writing a yoga mission statement and it turned into this. Lol!
Everything I do brings me to nature.

Bringing my yoga practice off the mat and into the world, allows me to live the amazing life I’m living.

My strength



presence and curiosity

allows me to immerse myself

in the beauty of nature,

without disturbing anything around me.

This supports my oneness with all of life

and enjoying the ecstasy of it all.

I have a strong desire to share this

with everyone

so they can experience the happiness

of this simple way of living.

This practice allows people

to open up completely to who they are.

I can do it!

We can do it!

Let’s do this!

What a lovely day!


I’ve been outside playing and listening to the leaves for a couple of hours, it feels so good. Now I’m going to hop on the bike, play some more and attend a meditation tonight, wow it’s going to be another amazing day.

I let nature shine upon my soul
As I let go of any type of control
Because for me
That’s the only way to roll


Thought of the day ~ Our truth!


I believe when we stay present and available to the universal flow we step closer to the truth, closer to know who we really are.

What if
We could only see
The truth

See it
Feel it
Know it
And best of all
Not fear it

Some might think
It’s a fantasy
To believe
The world could
Live in harmony

Deep down, I know
We could all live in
This sweet universal flow.


Thought of the day ~ Hugs



Life is like
One long
Loving hug

I feel the embrace everyday
As more love continuously
Flows my way

My loving friend is
Always taking me in
So close

Arms wrapped around me
Filled with unconditional love
Just because

Feeling safe and never alone
Blown away that I always
Feel at home

Nature is very sweet
As I feel so complete
And night

Are you kidding me
What an ongoing delight


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