My morning meditation!


Flesh to flesh
As my bare bottom
sits on the earth

I feel ignited
Like a fire
So alive
So pure
And whole

The beautiful dance
The sound of each crackle
And seeing each spark

It all creates something new

So with each morning meditation
When I close my eyes
And step inside
I realize how much
I love the place
I reside


Paralyzed by Your Pleasure

Paralyzed by your pleasure! ~ Poetry by Darnell

When I hear you
And you touch me
The vibration I feel inside
Sometimes is hard to describe

But I’m here giving it a try

It’s so safe
As I feel
Your soft embrace

You make me melt
And feel whole
As you ignite my soul

You consume my mind
In no way making me blind
I can only see that I’m one of a kind

As I taste you it’s always
An amazing flavor
That’s so easy to savor

You have to know that
I truly treasure
When I’m paralyzed
By your pleasure

I find that it’s so easy
to connect to your vibe
Because you never
have anything to hide

It’s so cool that it’s not a fantasy
That brings me this constant flow of Ecstasy

Thank you mother nature
It’s you that makes me
Such a loving creator

I hope you can now
And taste
What I get to experience every day
In a very sensual way


We Will Rise

We Will Rise ~ Poetry by Darnell

Thought of the day ~ We will rise!

Somewhere inside
We all really reside
In a place called love

Some might feel it’s a fantasy
But I believe
We can all stop the insanity
And stand up for humanity

Our collective truth
Is togetherness
So why???
All this separateness


Thought of the day ~ You are infinite!

You are infinite! ~ Poetry by Darnell

Right now is the time
To let go of self doubt
And know what you’re really all about

You are beyond
your body and mind
You are infinite

There is no end
to your potential
Your creativity
Your love

You are infinite
And very very significant
So if you don’t play small
Let me tell you
You can have it all

Be what speaks to your heart
And that’s how you become a part
Of life

Darnell ✌?❤️?

Spread Your Arms

Spread Your Arms ~ Poetry by Darnell




Don’t be frightened
To heighten your consciousness

When you commit to love
And stand free
In your authenticity

You can then
Spread your arms and notice
All the beautiful synchronicities


Empowering Light

Empowering Light ~ Poetry by Darnell

It’s time to stop the fight
By offering
A bright empowering light

When we stand in our loving power
It’s the only way to empower

So let’s find our flight
And rise above it all
Not our fight
That just makes us fall

We hold the keys
So let’s change the patterns
And all the ridiculous cycles

And use those keys
To unlock the doors
To more love

Embracing The Unknown

Embracing the Unknown ~ Poetry by Darnell

Good morning to all my beautiful friends??

Know that I am holding
sacred space for you

Let’s embrace change as an ally
Rather than an enemy
We can sigh and cry
Then choose to fly high

Embrace the light
As well as the darkness
The knowing
As well as the unknown

Let’s enjoy this divine dance
And take a chance
That things will be just fine

Now THAT’S a great headline!

Focus On You ~ Poetry by Darnell

Remember to be the best that you can be. Comparing yourself to others has no importance in your life and only takes away your joy.

Keep the focus on you
It really doesn’t matter
what other people do

Live your life with intention
Like your sitting for a moment
In meditation

Celebrate you
The unique
Beautiful you

Stand in your power

Live your life
And the joy you will find
Will unwind your mind
So you can leave behind
The need to compare

Expose Your Mind

Expose Your Mind ~ Poetry by Darnell Nestor

It’s 3am and I’m in bed, that’s why there’s no scenic view with my words. Lol!

It’s your mind
Not your body
I want exposed

So often I wonder
Why you choose
To keep it closed

When you find your words
And the power to speak
That’s when I know
We can get to our peak

Expose your mind

Please don’t stay blind
All I want you to do is climb
Into our special time

Allow me to merge
With your mind
Melt into your spirit
And soften into your body

Everything else seems to fall away
And the magic just comes out to play

See how easy it is
To become one
And experience
That beautiful thing
They call fun

Thought of the day ~ Take my hand!


I love my freedom
And my life

Who needs them

My heart continues to expand
To a place of great love
All the undiscovered land
Is all I can think of

Love is limitless
And always expanding
Into blissfulness

Please listen to this

I invite you all
To take my hand

Because it’s time
To get involved
And step into a place
Of more LOVE

Again that’s all I can think of

Darnell ❤️

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