Words of the moment ~ random thoughts!

I was thinking how amazing our bodies are and that there is a powerful ancient wisdom within them.

Imagine being vulnerable and compassionate with yourself first then sharing that with another that feels the same. You would begin to see what life is really all about, you would feel and know true connection.

Our bodies are a love poem!

Be grateful!

Today’s affirmation:
I love my body and all it can do.


Words of the moment!

When we wake up to our true nature it’s only the beginning. The beginning of a new life that is full of many new experiences. When we realize that there is no separation because that’s only an illusion and that our hearts desire can then lead the way to a deeper truth, life becomes amazing.

Only you know the things you hold inside and the things you do to others. Do you choose to love or not care about who you hurt?

Remember everything has a ripple effect, think about that and do things that won’t hurt others. If your life is not flowing the way you’d like it to take a look at how you choose to show up.

What do you really want and are you willing to LOVE to get there?



Kale Salad and Raw Burgers

Made a simple kale salad for lunch and amazing raw burgers. Putting the burgers in the dehydrator for a bit. ?

sun-dried tomatoes
red & green bell peppers
Multi colored carrots
pumpkin seeds

sunflower seeds
garlic cloves
Dried basil
Ground flax seed
olive oil

smoked paprika
salt & pepper
Maybe a few other things. Lol
Blended everything together to make patties

Just combining different recipes that I found


Lemon Curry Sauce

I’m making more lemon curry sauce for the amazing
Vegetable Pakura’s you made.

1 1/2 tablespoons Red pepper flakes

3/4 cup Coconut cream

Juice of 1 lemon

1 tablespoon cane sugar

2 tablespoons olive oil

1 tablespoon Curry

2 tablespoons tamari

2 mined cloves of Garlic