Expose Your Mind

Expose Your Mind ~ Poetry by Darnell Nestor

It’s 3am and I’m in bed, that’s why there’s no scenic view with my words. Lol!

It’s your mind
Not your body
I want exposed

So often I wonder
Why you choose
To keep it closed

When you find your words
And the power to speak
That’s when I know
We can get to our peak

Expose your mind

Please don’t stay blind
All I want you to do is climb
Into our special time

Allow me to merge
With your mind
Melt into your spirit
And soften into your body

Everything else seems to fall away
And the magic just comes out to play

See how easy it is
To become one
And experience
That beautiful thing
They call fun

Thought of the day ~ Step Outside


Thought of the day ~ Step Outside

This morning I have a simple but meaningful poem on how to know your beauty.

If you don’t see your beauty
I am here to remind you
How beautiful you are
And to let you know
You don’t have to go far

Step outside
And look around
To see your reflection

Nature is your mirror

As you take it all in
The knowing begins

I am nature

So beautiful
So Peaceful
And always seen

You can see it now
As you say wow
That’s all it took
Is just a simple look

There’s really not much more to say
As you take today to
Recognize and internalize
How beautiful you are


Thought of the day ~ Poem #25 Our kind of wild


I want to thank all the beautiful women who spent 24 hours in nature with me.

Our hair wasn’t wild

Our clothes stayed on

But we were wild women



Expanding by the fire as we connected to the light, what a delight!

In the night we found more light as it is our birthright.

We all felt so alive!

So much was born while we chanted, drummed and absorb the vibes of nature.

The energy from the light made us wild with love.

We all were wild women of the night and we will always carry that light.

Darnell ✌?️

Thought of the day ~ Poem #7 The Earth Song!


As I sit on the earth and look up at the sky my internal drum beat begins to fly.

The rhythm is so sweet as the words repeat.

Stay strong and hang around so you could be a part of this beautiful song.

Stay strong and hang around so you could be a part of this beautiful song.

The Earth Song!

I play a song for you every second of the day, if you listen you will always find your way.


Thought of the day ~ My first poem!

Last night as Sheree was sharing things she is passionate about and every cell in my body experienced a major transformation, something I have been yearning for…wow! Sheree also asked me if I wrote poetry and I said no, so this morning I thought I would give it a try. Here it is! Please let me know what you think. 

As I sit in nature I transform

Transformation is my nature

Each breath I take I transform

Breathing in new life breathing out change

As I listen I transform

The transformation is for you and for me 

Life is about transformation 

I am a medium for transformation 

Transformation illuminates my cells like a sacred fire

Transformation is divine 

Transformation has the rhythm that I need
Transform, shine, dig deeper to find that who you are is LOVE. 
Peace✌?️ Love❤️ & Happiness

Thought of the day!


Stepping out of your comfort zone creates awesome things. So yesterday when I stepped out and this is how it went.

I sat at the bar with my water by myself. Lol! I love going places by myself, this was the first time at a bar.

Got really inspired by the singer of the band to sing more.

Danced with a fun drunk guy and had so much fun. I almost said no!

Ask a guy for his number at a bar… What? Lol!

Had so many fun conversations!

Breaking out of your comfort zone doesn’t have to be anything outrageous. It just means trying something new everyday and having fun with it. I HAD FUN!!!

Thought of the day!

Someone recently asked me how I can possibly love everything and the simple answer was I just do. When you love everything you love yourself more and when you approach any situation with love, you know that you have done your best. We all have a choice on how we choose to live again it’s that simple. Even when something triggers me I take a deep breath if it’s necessary and respond with words that are not maybe the sweetest but I do it with love. Lol!

“At the end of life, our questions are very simple: Did I live fully? Did I love well?” ~Jack Kornfield

I think this is a great mantra “I do everything with love”.


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