Thought of the day! ~ Community


What community is to me:
Joining our hands, our hearts in the act of pure love. Doing this not just so others can see, doing it deep within so that light shines within and as we know true light radiates out. It’s not so Important that people see what you are doing as them feeling you being. When you thrive within everyone thrives and feels connected to the whole which is community.

Peace and love beaming down from PLANET D! ?

Thought of the day! ~ brings people together

brings people together

Thought of the day! ~ brings people together

Lindsay, my thought today is about you and how your passion for drum making brings people together. The right people coming together, the beautiful meditation, the sacred act of making the drum and the unique results that creates so much love. Birthing a drum is so powerful it’s a connection to our spirit, our soul and the earth…life itself!

Looking at the my drum I see us all as one intertwined perfectly ready to tighten up to play the heartbeat of Mother Earth, a global rhythm.

Thank you Lindsay and all the people in the world who have a passion and share it in an authentic way✌