Thought of the day! ~ We all deserve love

We all deserve love

Thought of the day! ~ We all deserve love

We all deserve love! When you love yourself for real, that’s when you begin to know and feel how much you deserve to be loved. I am having this thought because I want real love in my life and know how much I deserve it. I can tell that being loved and loving another is going to be way different than any love that I have experienced before.

You may ask how do I know? Well real love is different than falling in love, there is no illusion, it is loving the other person for who they truly are (without thinking you can change them) and allowing them to love the real you (not the mask you put on to hide the real you). It is friendship, self love, growth, being vulnerable, being kind and of course something you want to work on every day. It’s when you can share your differences, love being apart and love being together.

Be who you really are so that you can experience what real love is. I know I am done with the surface bull shit – that in my past people had offered me and I’m sure I offered them (I get that’s all that we may have known). Love that is deep, real and unconditional is the way to go… Just saying!

❤️Love ?Love ?Love!

Thought of the day! ~ learn to love ourselves

learn to love ourselves

Thought of the day! ~ learn to love ourselves

I was thinking if we learn to love ourselves we will always be around someone who loves us and not having the need to seek love from someone else (let love flow organically). Take care of and love yourself like you would a lover, family member or a friend. Not sure why this thought popped up but I like it. Peace & Love ✌?️❤️

Thought of the day! ~ love me just the way I am

love me just the way I amThought of the day! ~ love me just the way I am

I woke up thinking about why people think they can change someone else. If someone isn’t as adventurous as you, open-minded like you or spontaneous that’s okay because you can not change or really even know what’s best for them ( you may think you do). What it really comes down to is what YOU want so it can satisfy your needs. If you say you love someone, love them just as they are or simply set them free. Think about how awesome it would be to be with someone you don’t want to change, how that would add a beautiful flow to your life. There is a great sweetness when you honor, accept and love another just as they are. Think about how easy it is to love and how frustrating it usually is when trying to change someone. People can only change on their own not with the influence of others because it wouldn’t be their truth. Hmmm, let me leave you with these words…I love you just the way you are. Namaste?

Thought of the day! ~ Surrendering to Love!

surrendering to love

Thought of the day! ~ Surrendering to Love!

When you trust that every thought and experience is for the highest good of all involved, you begin to see life in such a different way. You begin to vibrate higher to that place where you start knowing who you really are. Surrendering to love is so magical, it may not feel good at times but ends up being the best thing ever. My experience with love has been so intimate and amazing. Love is the only way ???

Thought of the day! ~ Its okay to Let Go!

its okay to let go

Thought of the day! ~ Its okay to Let Go!

I know this thought came up because of the event I had at the studio yesterday (Heaven is around us now). Thank you again Leslie Irene Kane ❤️

We all have a divine roll to play on earth. I think part of it is your personal power and playfulness, be who you are and really enjoy that. When we learn from our experiences and give ourselves permission to let go of anything negative or guilt, new opportunities and lots of growth begins to happen. Its okay to let go of the past and embrace what’s happening now. Also know when you let go you step into peace, pleasure and life.

“The amount of happiness that you have depends on the amount of freedom you have in your heart.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

Thought of the day! Love Your Life


Not everyone will understand your journey and that’s okay, Remember it’s not theirs to understand. Also remember life doesn’t have movement when you let someone else’s opinion become your reality. Pay less attention of what people think of you and more about how you feel about yourself.

I found myself almost getting caught up in what someone else thought of me and very quickly stepped back, took a deep breath and said that really doesn’t matter. I am so grateful you are all a part of me life and teaching me many lessons so I can truly walk my talk. Embrace your own rhythm and fly free like a bird. Love YOUR life!

Thought of the day! ~ Love Juice

Love Juice

Thought of the day! ~ Love Juice

My life is just ridiculously amazing. Amazing things happen when we open the door to life and explore everything. Yes I drink the Kool-Aid, The Love for Everything Kool-Aid. Lol! I fill up daily with the sweetness of unconditional love, let me call it The Love Juice?.

Whether you drink the Love for Everything Kool-Aid or The Love Juice, I would say drink up and Love-Life.

Remember, every single moment is a new opportunity to live the life of your dreams… Just sayin✌?️