Thought of the day! ~ Keeping it real

Keeping it real

Thought of the day! ~ Keeping it real

Do you realize the importance of being honest with yourself about where we are in our spiritual work? For me being honest about how I feel, what I need and sharing it, is part of my work. I also feel if what we are saying isn’t true, then nothing real is being shared. Keeping it real is the way to go and how real love is shared.

When I started the thought of the day I just thought it was about sharing my random thoughts and now I know it’s part of my spiritual work.

Remember you can sit in peace and find light anywhere?. Enjoy connecting to your inner wisdom, your inner joy and find peace. Namaste?

Thought of the day! ~ connect to the divine flow

connect to the divine flow

Thought of the day! ~connect to the divine flow

When we connect to the divine flow of life, we can let go of our need to control every detail and situation. In a conversation I had yesterday I realized something about myself. I always thought that I didn’t need anything from anybody and you know what, I do! I do a very good job of nurturing myself but not such a good job of allowing someone else to nurture me. So today I am so happy to say that the resistance I had towards that is shedding away in a major way. When we can trust ourselves about what we need, new worlds open and we become more in line with the natural rhythms of our lives. I am in rhythm with what I need and welcome being nurtured with open arms. Today I feel very soft and vulnerable. Peace✌?️

Thought of the day! ~ ridiculously amazing

ridiculously amazing

Thought of the day! ~ ridiculously amazing

Today my thought is about choices. I choose to live life with no excuses and to nourish my mind, spirit & body in every way everyday. I explore and enjoy different things that always ends up being a such a beautiful experience. Remember every single morning is a new opportunity to live the life of your dreams. So I reach my hand out with so much love to hold your hand to assist you in stepping into the life of your dreams (it’s that simple because we are all connected). I am feeling so peaceful this morning as I’m floating in a ridiculously amazing cloud of love…wow!


Thought of the day! ~ Music heals the soul

Music heals the soul

Thought of the day! ~ Music heals the soul

I went to sleep and woke up listening to smooth jazz. Music is so beautiful it’s like blending every color you can imagine and listening to it. Music heals the soul and lifts your spirit. I was thinking how music is a good prescription for everything, if you have the blues, feeling depressed/ stressed, want to relax or if you want to be put into a particular zone. Music has the power to make you feel better. I would have to to say that music stimulate every part of my being and adds to my happiness, just like good food does?. When I listen to music I get chills, I get excited, it physically makes me feel like I’m going on a joyride.

My prescription for the day:

If you don’t already listen to music and dance a little bit at least 10 minutes a day and watch how it makes you feel. Enjoy!