Thought of the day! ~ what are you thinking about


Last night was so magical! Chilling in the teepee, hanging out with the moon and not getting much sleep was so sweet. I can’t stop thinking about how I do everything I love, how I enjoy everything I do and for me that is truly living.
Remember, if you spend time focusing on things that makes you miserable, you will not really be able to live, spend time thinking about things that inspire you. It’s such a blessing for me that everything inspires me✌️

Thought of the day! ~ What is next?

what is next

Thought of the day! ~ What is next?

My whole life I have sat in the background and observed everybody around me. I watched and learned from people and decided that I would be nothing less than happy. I have to say that I love my life and even with disruptions it’s always had a nice flow. For the past month or so I have been experiencing a feeling I’ve never felt before and not sure how to explain it but I will try. I feel full and empty at the same time, I do everything I want and feel it should be more, dreaming and what’s happening in the moment is the same and there is just so much more. I am happy and very satisfied with my life but know this is just the surface and now seeing and feeling more on so many levels in this unique world. I know I am positively connected to my surroundings and that causes me to feel a need for more – I guess! Everything I do goes way deeper than what it seems. For example, the words I write & say, the pictures I take even down to the breaths I take. I don’t know whats happening to me but feel I’m going on a deeper ride through life 🙂

Today I’m going to ask for you to share your thoughts about my thoughts. I know all the intuitive peeps out there just might have a little message for me, if this makes any sense to you. Tell me What is next?? Lol