Thought of the day! ~ Say yes to life

Say 'yes' to life

Thought of the day! ~ Say yes to life

I say yes to every part of my life, everything that lives within me. I say yes to being alive, to all my needs and to love. Why not just say yes to it all.

Remember by saying yes to yourself, might mean saying no to others and that’s okay?.

Enjoy YOUR life…YES!!!

Always say ‘yes’ to the present moment… Surrender to what is. Say ‘yes’ to life – and see how life starts suddenly to start working for you rather than against you. ~Eckhart Tolle

Thought of the day! ~ Keeping it real

Keeping it real

Thought of the day! ~ Keeping it real

Do you realize the importance of being honest with yourself about where we are in our spiritual work? For me being honest about how I feel, what I need and sharing it, is part of my work. I also feel if what we are saying isn’t true, then nothing real is being shared. Keeping it real is the way to go and how real love is shared.

When I started the thought of the day I just thought it was about sharing my random thoughts and now I know it’s part of my spiritual work.

Remember you can sit in peace and find light anywhere?. Enjoy connecting to your inner wisdom, your inner joy and find peace. Namaste?

Thought of the day! ~ extraordinary life

extraordinary life

Thought of the day! ~ extraordinary life

While in the sauna this morning so many thoughts came up. The main one was there is nothing ordinary about my life, it’s extraordinary. I’m an ordinary person choosing to live an extraordinary life. It’s so funny to me how so many people make choices then complain about them. Hmmm, so if you make a choice isn’t it something you want? Choose wisely and live fully. I guess what I would have to say is if you choose what you REALLY want and not what you think is best for someone else, then you begin to live an extraordinary life.

My sauna thought of the day…lol!

Thought of the day! ~ Say yes to life!

yes to life

can you say yes to life

Thought of the day! ~ Say yes to life!
I sent an email this morning and used the word yes a few times so here we are with the thought of the day. Can you say YES to life? To me saying yes is accepting things for what the are, not resisting them. Saying yes doesn’t only mean to the things you like but also to things that are not so great like pain and sadness. When you say yes to yourself and accept the way you feeling about everything – life has a beautiful flow and for me always brings peace. I believe it is so important to say yes to every part of you even the parts you may not like so much – say yes to yourself without conditions. Let today be a yes can of day. Your mind, body and soul will love it… YES!

Thought of the day! ~ what are you thinking about


Last night was so magical! Chilling in the teepee, hanging out with the moon and not getting much sleep was so sweet. I can’t stop thinking about how I do everything I love, how I enjoy everything I do and for me that is truly living.
Remember, if you spend time focusing on things that makes you miserable, you will not really be able to live, spend time thinking about things that inspire you. It’s such a blessing for me that everything inspires me✌️

Thought of the day! ~ invite playtime in your life


I was thinking how important it is to have playtime in your life. Play is not just for kids, adults really need this type of stimulation. Life goes by so fast why not make sure you have a blast along the way. Every day I make sure I make room for the things that turn me on and that’s a huge part of self-care – having fun! When you invite playtime in your life you relieve stress and why not just do it for the fun and joy of it.

Feeling young & energetic = playtime ?

Remember we all need to play✌?️

Thought of the day! ~ Be the Light

be the lightThought of the day! ~ Be the Light
When you see the light in everything instead of just seeing what’s there you really do step into another world. On my walk yesterday I definitely took that step, all my senses were so heightened. I laughed and cried at the same time, got goosebumps, felt the breeze and the warm sun, my sense of smell was off the charts, the birds and bugs connected with me on some level I never experienced before, the sound of the wrestling leaves and the silence were just amazing. I was the light in nature yesterday connecting with the light of nature. What a soft and sweet experience I had with the light – light is wisdom! Be the light, see the light and remember the light always sees you. Namaste?

Thought of the day! ~ Its okay to Let Go!

its okay to let go

Thought of the day! ~ Its okay to Let Go!

I know this thought came up because of the event I had at the studio yesterday (Heaven is around us now). Thank you again Leslie Irene Kane ❤️

We all have a divine roll to play on earth. I think part of it is your personal power and playfulness, be who you are and really enjoy that. When we learn from our experiences and give ourselves permission to let go of anything negative or guilt, new opportunities and lots of growth begins to happen. Its okay to let go of the past and embrace what’s happening now. Also know when you let go you step into peace, pleasure and life.

“The amount of happiness that you have depends on the amount of freedom you have in your heart.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

Thought of the day! – Live Your Life

live your life
Thought of the day! Live Your Life

It’s so cool when you discover new things about yourself. Everyday it seems like I become more playful, free and open to try new things. Life to me is an awesome adventure and I choose to live it to its fullest. Remember life is what YOU make it?. Make it passionate, positive and empowering… make it YOURS! So many things I have done in my life someone has said how can you do that or I wouldn’t do that and I am glad I made my own choices because I am happy with who I am and the choices I made. Why put limitations on your life because of what someone else thinks. Be you, love you and live the life that maybe you only dream about. Peace!

              Live Your Life!!

Thought of the day! ~ Dance in the Rain

dance in the rain Thought of the day! Dance in the rain!

While standing in the rain this morning it made me think about the power of Mother Nature. The water cleansed my body (that felt wonderful) and as I looked around the yard the plants and trees were so happy. I was one with the elements, the sounds, the silence, the smells and the visuals were just amazing. A simple act of standing in the rain gave me so much joy what a sweet connection to nature.

If you have the opportunity to shed the clothes and stand or even dance in the rain I would highly recommend it. ✌️

Dance in the Rain!!

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